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Gridstone Research
Gridstone Research is a powerful and flexible company analysis platform that helps Investment Analysts make better investment decisions, faster. By leveraging high quality talent and patent-pending technology, Gridstone assembles, analyzes and structures unstructured company information into financial data, guidance, operational data and structured text. For professionals in Investor Relations or Corporate Strategy, Gridstone offers a separate product with the same in-depth analysis. The founders of Gridstone Research are all alumni of Infosys Technologies (NASDAQ: INFY), a leading IT Services and Consulting company that pioneered the disruptive offshore model in the IT Services industry. For more detailed information please visit

  Accela Media Pvt. Ltd.
Founded on 2004, Accela Media is a content and interactivity services provider over broadband networks. Leveraging on the mass adoption of broadband connectivity in the North America and select European markets, Accela proposes to provide multimedia content to niche communities. The Company is building its proprietary delivery platforms and is positioned launch its service by early 2006. For more detailed information please visit

Info Pro Solutions, Inc.
A US based $50 million plus company, providing integrated one-stop solutions for total e-business services. InfoPro was founded in 1989 with a clear focus to proactively evaluate the advances in the IT industry and apply them to the ever-increasing business needs. Clients in various industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Banking, Finance, Media, Airline, Telecommunications, Consumer Products, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, and Publishing, to name a few. For more detailed information please visit

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