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At Plus Ventures, we're not just investors. Our team members have been entrepreneurs, executives and operating leaders of global businesses.

We are passionate in how we work and strive to make a difference. Our experience, strategy and vision complement our entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on investment expertise. These are just some of the reasons talented founders and prominent investors seek to partner with us.

We drive our entrepreneurs to their best by working with them side by side to take advantage of the dynamic market environment and helping them overcome the challenges to achieve spectacular growth. We serve as the first investor in our portfolio companies and as such seek entrepreneurs whose mission and vision are aligned with ours. We value entrepreneurs who identify opportunities for potentially explosive market growth and are not afraid to go after them. We look for those entrepreneurs that inspire and attract other like minded talent.

Our Values:

At Plus Ventures, the foundation of our investment strategy is anchored in working with high-potential teams that we believe have the vision and capability to disrupt established markets or create new ones with fresh ideas, breakthrough innovations and unconventional approaches.

We firmly believe that our ability to contribute to a company’s growth and development is equally important as the capital we invest. Hence we seek teams that are suitable to assist with our experiences, knowledge and professional networks to help their companies accelerate growth. We work closely with our invested companies through their different stages of lifecycle to support them in their quest to raise additional capital or to steer their growth.

Plus Ventures is usually the lead investor in a company's financing and we prefer to take a seat on the company's Board of Directors to better facilitate our team's commitment to delivering non-capital value to each project.

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