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Being an early-stage venture capital fund, we’re looking to invest in entrepreneurial teams with big ideas and a need for capital to turn their ideas into great companies. We invest in dynamic teams that are pursuing dynamic solutions to address dynamic markets. We are interested in market movers and creators as opposed to companies that are merely showing small % improvements to current markets

On a more tactical level, the characteristics of the companies we invest in are:

Sectors: Technology enabled products and services in Internet, Mobile, Education and Consumer Services sectors

Funding: Seeking seed or early investments from $500,000 to $3,000,000

Business model: requiring less than $5,000,000 to reach break even or sustainability

Stages of Interest:
The table below outlines the various stages at which Plus Ventures will consider an opportunity for participation


Participation Interest

Idea Only


Seed, Startup


Series A


Series B


Series C


Post Series C




Geography Location:
Our funding program focuses primarily on India based ventures or India enabled global ventures.

Management Team:
We work closely with our companies to help them fill critical management team positions by tapping into our network. We typically look for a founding management team dedicated to growing an exceptionally successful business and having the knowledge and experience to do so. Entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create shareholder value are necessary attributes.

Value Proposition:
We are looking for highly differentiated, unique and significantly superior technologies, products and services. It needs to be demonstrated why the marketplace will purchase the company's product or service rather than a competing alternative.

We are most likely to support companies that address a meaningful percentage of customers in well-defined, growing markets that can be identified and accessed economically.

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